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2014 expanding web design trends

Four months into 2014 has provided an abundant amount of creativity in web design. From the increased popularity of parallax scrolling features to auto-play full screen video backgrounds, and responsive design – let’s round-up some expanding web design trends for 2014.

Parallax Scrolling

The ever-growing, ever evolving web design trend.  It’s a fun use to create an instant stunning design when the right imagery is chosen – however, there are still some tweaks and quirks while the web evolves that don’t quite relay this style into mobile versions as smoothly. Given a few more rounds of community updates and this could be come a very compelling way of navigating through-out the web.

Drug Treatment

drugtreatment 2014 expanding web trends parallax scrolling


Jess and Russ

jessandruss 2014 expanding web trends parallax scrolling


Single Page Websites

Sometimes all you need is one page – and you know what, it can work. But like most design and marketing strategies – what may work for one does not work for another. In this particular case – it’s great if you can neatly organize your information into bite size pieces that make it visually appealing for the reader to continue scrolling – this is where Parallax scrolling can come in handy.


plannr 2014 expanding web design trends one page websites


Fuel Shack

fuelshack 2014 expanding web trends one page websites


Flat Web UI Design Styles

While this is not necessarily a new trend, it is a growing one. The simplicity of the solid color themes and shapes create a really fresh page to look at, after all the shiny web 2.0 trends. This does have its benefits when developing as well – let’s face it – gradients don’t always play well within various browsers and platforms – if you can keep it simple it may be a great way to go!

Tripl Agent

trplagent 2014 expanding web design trends flat web ui design style



wistia 2014 expanding web design trends flat web ui design style


Responsive Design

With the increase in variety of mobile device sizes and responsive design was an inevitable transition in the web design. While there are still many things to learn – we do know there are some amazing responsive techniques and designs out there to help you get inspired.

Smashing Magazine

smashingmagazine  2014 expanding web trends responsive design


Happy Cog

happycog  2014 expanding web trends responsive design

Visual Impressions

The use of images to express more context than there is actual content on the page – the trend we are seeing is to shorten the message and make more of a visual impact. Think how popular the Pinterest scene is and why – the reason? Your eye wants to quickly scan the page to see if anything jumps out at it before making a commitment to read the full story.  There’s a lot to take in when you are browsing the web – make it a bit simpler for your reader to choose what to read by giving them a lasting visual impression to keep returning.


yummly - 2014 expanding web trends - visual impressions


Newsweek – Digital Edition

newsweek digital 2014 expanding web design trends visual impressions


Video Backgrounds

A subtle, somewhat abstract video playing in the background instead of a full image – this is a newer trend and we kind of like it. While it may not work for every platform, browser, or brand – but where it does and when done correctly – it shines.

Royal Coffee Bar

royalcoffeebar 2014 expanding web trends one page websites



paypal 2014 expanding web trends video backgrounds